Informations pratiques

La restauration du midi est organisée par l’OGEC.

La cantine se situe dans l’enceinte de l’école.

Deux services sont organisés:

  • le premier de 12h à 12h35 pour les plus jeunes
  • le second de 12h45 à 13h20 pour le reste des enfants

La société CONVIVIO fournit les repas en liaison chaude.

La demande d’inscription se fait au près de la directrice.

Retrouver le tarif de la cantine ici


At Fashion Week in New York 



NEW YORK For a while, anyway, Michael Kors from china it seemed that the weather was all too eager to cooperate with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Thick, Michael Kors handbags tropical air was the ideal accompaniment to the collections that michael kors handbags designers sent down the runways including a new breed of beach inspired prints, a full cadre of grays that replicated every shade of faded shingles on seaside cottages, a renewed and refined appreciation of the female form, and relaxed, retro hats inspired by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’s summer holidays in the 1970s.

« It’s nice to see some color, and some bodies, » said actress Mena Suvari before a very muggy outdoor Y 3 show on Saturday. « It really looks like summer. »

By Monday night, designer Marc Jacobs made everyone forget about the weather (and the two hour delay to the start of his runway show) with a sublime and surreal collection that was about transparency, sex, or something involving unusually revealing skirts. CHRISTOPHER MUTHERBABIES (AND KIDS) AS POWER ACCESSORIES

Sitting in the front row of the Rosa Cha show on Saturday were actress Mena Suvari, Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx, former ‘N Sync singer JC Chasez, and 8 year old Winston Rossetter.

« That was really cool, » cheap michael kors Rossetter said after the show, a big grin on her face.

More than a handbag or a coveted pair of stilettos, the hottest accessory for runway spectators (and a few designers) this season was children. show last week, industry insiders sat with babies cheap michael kors in their laps and school age children at their sides during runway shows.

« She really is the ultimate accessory, » boutique owner Gina Chirchirillo said of her 5 month old daughter. « I don’t think I’ve ever been photographed as much as I have been here with Tiana. »


There was color on the runway for spring/summer ’08 far more than last season but the one constant was gray, the subtler the better. Close cousins of gray, such as sand, champagne, blush, and silver, were also frequent companions on the runway.

Calvin Klein’s collection, one of Francisco Costas’s strongest, was a prime example of the strength of neutrals. Seamless dresses in graphite, sand (oddly described in the PETA unfriendly term « doeskin »), and white allowed the innovative drape and construction to take center stage.

John Varvatos’s collection for men also leaned heavily on gray and sand that resembled the color of sun bleached stones. J. The design team of Badgley Mischka michael kors handbags showed gray evening gowns, and Zac Posen patterned it with white.


When Michael Kors sent models down the runway in floppy hats so large they threatened to eclipse cheap michael kors the lights, he was one of several designers to revitalize head gear that was last in vogue when Tennille assured the Captain that love would keep them together. DKNY also opted for floppy beach hats. And at his opulent 40th anniversary show in Central Park, Ralph Lauren’s hats made the scene look like a day at cheap Michael Kors handbags the derby. Even Posen, showing a wheat colored collection, employed large brimmed hats with his daywear. Meanwhile, headscarves, absent since Cheap Michael Kors outlet « Rhoda » was canceled, appeared in collections by Lacoste and Nanette Lepore.


Diane von Furstenberg’s « Under the Volcano » runway show, backed by the theme song from « Hawaii Five 0, » was a loving embrace of the tropics, and felt like an extension of her resort collection. Vivid summer patterns were everywhere, from Carlos Miele’s bossa nova ruffles to Carolina Herrera’s water painting inspired dresses. Tuleh managed pattern with varying degrees of success (though its zebra and leopard prints should have been at the zoo). Meanwhile, Oscar de la Renta’s take on pattern, with a runway show in a former church with live michael kors handbags music by the Polyphonic Spree, was flawlessly executed.


Jill Stuart’s show at the New York Public Library had all the trappings of a « Golden Girls » cast reunion/pajama party. It would be quite easy to picture Rue McClanahan wearing Stuart’s sheer pantsuits in treacly shades of peach and lavender as she indulges in cheesecake with the gals.


Sabyasachi’s military influenced collection in olive green, maroon, and beige resembled the work of an art school student with lots of imagination, but a limited grasp of how to dress women. It looked like a thousand villages of bad fashion had been let loose on the runway, and it was impossible to picture anyone aside from Yoko Ono dressing this way for spring.Articles Connexes:

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