Avoid Problem Customers And Attract Profitable Ones

One commonly cheap Michael Kors handbags heard axiom of business is paying customer is a good customer This is similar in principle to the adage no such thing as bad publicity But for a business owner looking to expand his business, this is simply not the case! As strange as it sounds, you need to select your own customers from the pool of potentials. Not every person wishing to use your services or buy your product is a desirable customer.

Does that sound a little strange to you? Doesn it make sense to accept business from anyone who is willing to give you money? In my opinion the answer to that question is clearly NO! In business there are short sighted approaches to increasing the cash flow, and accepting anyone as your customer is o of them. Most people would agree that using misleading tactics to manipulate people into buying from you is not a good way to run your business. However, many otherwise rational business owners think that they « can afford » to turn down the business of any willing customer. This is a particular temptation when just starting a business and Replica Michael Kors Handbags the cash flow is tight. However, the risk to the long term success of the business is greatest just at that time.

Business owners are best to be wary of customers who are a poor payment risk. It is tempting to sell to anyone in order to make a profit but in the long run you will lose money. The main problem is that these people are usually willing to purchase even thought they know they cannot afford the item or service that you offer. By the time you take these people through collections you will probably still wind up without any money. A result of this kind of business can be seen in the recent mortgage industry crisis. People who could not afford mortgages were approved and now cannot pay. As a result of these poor business decisions the country is now in a recession and we all suffer. Remember to do a through investigation cheap Michael Kors handbags into the financial capacity of potential customers and you will save yourself a lot of lost time and money.

Customers that are viewed as customers will often be avoided by many businesses. You know this type of customer, the o who cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet complain at the drop of a hat about anyone and everything. With these type of customers there is almost nothing that can be done to meet the unrealistic expectations that they have michael kors handbags about what the world, including you, owes them. This customer type is generally easily recognized by their angry demeanor, and their complaints about competitors in your same industry. If spotted early it truly is best to let them go and let someone else deal with the trouble that they are bound to be. Though these customers may well be able to pay you, it is usually a nightmare to deal with them, which is usually not worth the effort for most businesses. The important skill in this instance is to be able to quickly identify them and make a decision about them. In this decision it can be difficult to determine just how much of their griping about competitors as truly accurate, and what potential opportunity they may provide. In this respect it is wise to be aware of the reputation of your competitors to help you make this decision.

The consumer organizations above are too often passed over by most companies. o the other hand, there are some consumers you will want to do without. These consumers have no need for your products or services. A cheap michael kors lot of companies feel that it is up to the consumer to figure out what they want to purchase while the company is out to sell as much as they can to any consumer. But this is a not a good long term plan and will negatively impact your business. o Cheap Michael Kors Outlet a consumer is michael kors outlet dissatisfied with your product or service, you will be blamed, even if it is not your fault. You are well advised to be honest from the outset and admit you are not sure your business can satisfy the consumer desires and you cannot risk disappointing the consumer. To get around this problem, you need to accurately characterize your product or service with no hype typical with most ads. Let them know exactly what you have so they will be sufficiently informed. Better yet, find michael kors handbags out exactly what they need to ensure that what they desire will actually perform up to their expectations. It may turn out that an alternative offering you can provide may work michael kors handbags better for them, or you may not be able to satisfy their desires. If this is the case, it is best them to give them a referral to a place that can help them. You will likely get business from such a person at a later time when you might be able to help them.Articles Connexes:

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