An Eagle Scout’s view on Boy Scouts

When I became a Boy Scout nearly seven years ago, I was 11 years old. At that age, I wasn’t thinking much about sexuality because sex didn’t cheap Michael Kors seem important and I didn’t fully understand what it was. I was more interested in learning knots, building fires and michael kors handbags going camping. At some point, I realized I didn’t michael kors handbags « like » girls the same way most of the boys in my troop did. Although this didn’t strike me as relevant, I never gave these feelings much thought.It wasn’t until I was older that I realized being gay might be a problem. I heard a story on the news one evening about a boy who was kicked out of his troop for being gay. I did some research and found that the Boy Scouts of America, the organization I loved so much, had long practiced a policy of not allowing « open or avowed homosexuals » to participate.Over the past 30 years, the Boy Scouts of America has increasingly aligned itself with the values of socially conservative Christians. This is a direct result of the increased cheap michael kors youth membership from Mormon and Catholic churches, and the subsequent influence they have wielded over the Boy Scouts of America. From the perspective of these churches and their followers, the reason for the anti gay policy is simple: Homosexuality is inconsistent not only with the word of God, but also with the Scout Oath, which requires cheap Michael Kors handbags all Boy Scouts to be « morally straight. »As a young Scout, learning about this policy confused me. Scouting had always been about building character and giving back to the community, not about sexuality. Some of my happiest memories and dearest friends were made through michael kors handbags Boy Scouts, and I didn’t want anything to change. My deepest desire was to continue to be a Boy Scout, so I promised myself I would never tell anyone I was gay. This seemed to be a reasonable trade off at the moment, but as time passed, I realized I was living a lie.After earning the rank of Eagle Scout, I decided to share my sexuality with my family and friends from school. Even now, though, I am unable to be honest with my Boy Scout troop. I justify this lie by telling myself my sexuality does not define me as an michael kors handbags individual, but I often wonder if pretending to be someone I am not is « morally straight. »Ultimately, the anti gay policy has proved to be counterproductive and unnecessary, causing the organization to lose numerous corporate sponsors and damage its reputation. Even worse, it has caused fear and confusion for countless boys who are gay, while institutionalizing homophobia among those who are not gay. While I know in my heart that my sexuality does not make a « bad Scout, » it disappoints me that the Boy Scouts of America feels differently.This May, the Executive Board of Boy Scouts michael kors outlet of America will vote on whether or not to keep this policy in place at a national level. Personal convictions and religious beliefs will undoubtedly make this a difficult decision for many of the voting members. I ask them to be brave and do what they know is fair and cheap michael kors responsible. Scouting is a meaningful and important institution cheap Michael Kors handbags for millions of young men; it is a shame some have been excluded for such a trivial reason.Articles Connexes:

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