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Articles about Organic Food

How much bacteria would you like with your meat?

September 10, 2012 By Karin Klein

I’ve never met anyone who buys organic food to get more vitamins and minerals, so it’s unclear why the public has been treated to a series of studies most recently a meta review out of Stanford University Michael Kors outlet telling us that for the most part organics don’t have more vitamins and minerals. As a Times editorial pointed out last week, consumers buy organic to avoid ingesting common agricultural chemicals and to prevent those chemicals from harming the environment. Pesticide levels in organic food were found to be significantly lower.

Equal rights for cats and dogs!

September 6, 2012 By Ted Rall

Under a bill approved by the California Legislature and sent to Gov. Jerry Brown, landlords who allow pets in their buildings cannot advertise in a way that discourages cats with claws or dogs that bark. We doubt the folks at Whole Foods are trembling in their Birkenstocks. We’re not aware of too many people who thought otherwise it doesn’t make a lot of michael kors outlet sense to assume the cheap Michael Kors handbags application of pesticides would have much impact on a fruit’s vitamin content. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t safer to eat. Perhaps the most valuable thing about the study of available research undertaken by Stanford’s Center for Health Policy is that it points up how little is yet known about the benefits of organics and the harms done by widespread pesticide use. The review, which looked at michael kors outlet 240 studies from around the world on the health effects of eating organic and the comparative levels of nutrients and contaminants, made headlines because it supposedly struck a blow against the perception that cheaper, conventionally grown produce which usually involves both pesticides and chemical fertilizers is bad for you. What are Michael Kors the facts? Scientists at Stanford decided michael kors handbags< to take a look. Crystal Smith Spangler said she is often asked by her patients whether organic food is worth the trouble. Now approaching its 100th anniversary, Bolthouse was among the first to sell baby carrots and is also known Michael Kors handbags cheap for its refrigerated salad dressings and so called super premium juices. But most Americans would beg to differ, according to a report from the IBISWorld research firm. Their concept of luxury is now a far cry from michael kors handbags what it was before the housing bubble burst, unemployment soared, consumer confidence crashed and disposable income plummeted cheap michael kors for the first time in years. So why did two lean young women who dine on smoothies and organic fruits and vegetables (how unimpeachable does that sound) seek help cleaning up their act? May Haduong, 33, and Frances Motiwalla, 34, just had this sense they were slaves to each passing fad (greens! organic! flaxseed! gluten free!) and were building up their eating rules in a haphazard, unscientific way. « We’ve sort of made it up in our heads, » Haduong says: whirring up slurries of kale, beet greens, frozen fruits and celery in the blender in their pint sized kitchen twice a day (down to once a day when Motiwalla couldn’t Michael Kors from China take it anymore)Berkeley organic food company Annie’s opens up 64% in IPOArticles Connexes:

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