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Anglican owners won’t call in policeST. An unholy fight over the fate of a historic church in Newfoundland peaked in the spring with an early morning chainsaw attack that may never be solved.

Whoever chopped the steeple off the old St. Philip’s michael kors outlet Anglican Church, near St. John’s, won’t cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet likely be charged.

Const. Suzanne FitzGerald of the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary said laws around property damage require an owner’s complaint to trigger an investigation.

Keeping declined to comment on who he thinks was behind the elaborate pre cheap Michael Kors handbags dawn act in the wee hours of March 31. Astonished parishioners were dismayed to find the steeple lying where it fell, its cross mysteriously missing.

Just hours earlier, town councillors voted 6 1 to reject the parish’s bid for a permit to demolish the old church that sits next to a new one. The community is split between those who want to save the older structure and those who want it torn down.

Keeping confirmed Thursday that, two days before the council voted, he told his opponents at a public information meeting: « You will get a surprise. »

He said he was referring to his plan to withdraw the demolition request to avoid a growing public furor, but was advised by a church lawyer to proceed.

The church does not want to maintain two buildings, nor does it want to relinquish control of the old church that sits on « consecrated » cemetery grounds, Keeping said.

The sawed off wreckage remains in the same spot, steps away from headstones that ring the damaged structure.

« We would like michael kors outlet to clean it up, » Keeping said cheap michael kors of the steeple, adding: « It’s not going back on there. And every time we try to do something, the Church By the Sea Committee is attacking us on things. »

Keeping said the ongoing dispute has hurt the new St. Philip’s michael kors handbags Anglican Church.

« Right now, the way things are going, this church is greatly affected by what’s going on by a few people who want to save the old church. Basically, we’re going downhill financially because of this matter. People have left the church. People have dropped their givings. »

The michael kors outlet parish owes about $400,000 on loans for the new building, which needs furnace repairs that will cost at least $6,000, he said. « And I don’t know where the money’s going to come from.

« Right now, as we move into the summer, we’re in dire straits. »

Steve Sharpe, a member of the St. Philip’s parish who sees Keeping at church each Sunday, is also president of the Church By the Sea Committee _ a group trying to save the old building.

He said the group presented the parish with a 13 page proposal to take over financial responsibility for the old building. michael kors handbags He says a petition circulated around Portugal Cove St. Philip’s drew 600 signatures from locals wanting to save it.

The committee wants to create a tourist attraction with a museum, Sharpe said, « something the community and the parish can be proud of. »

Structural Michael Kors handbags outlet engineers and carpenters have offered to repair the old church, he said, but attempts to meet with church officials have so far failed.

« We’d need permission cheap michael kors from the owners the parish and the synod. »

Keeping said the church has offered the committee the option of moving the old building, but it was turned down.

The dispute is now heading to a municipal hearing later this month where the parish will appeal the town’s rejection of its demolition permit.

Keeping, a former chaplain at three hospitals in St. John’s, moved to the community less than two years ago « because I felt I was called, » he said.

« And I still feel that way, but there’s days I kick myself for leaving the hospital chaplaincy.

« I’ve been called a dictator. I’ve been called a devil in sheep’s clothing. And all I’ve been doing as the rector of this parish is trying to . follow what the vestry and the diocese have laid out for the old church. »Articles Connexes:

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