Marché de Noël 2012

accused of threatening to shoot up Utah mall

A 42 year old Utah man planned to « randomly shoot and kill » at a Salt Lake City mall, then pick off moviegoers, and finally blow up a city bus a plot he detailed to a counselor who alerted police according to a court document.

Jack Harry cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet Stiles has been charged with allegedly making a terrorist cheap Michael Kors outlet threat involving the use of a hoax and a real « weapon of mass destruction » as defined under Utah law, according to the charging document obtained Tuesday by CNN from the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office.

According to the charging document, police first became aware of cheap Michael Kors handbags the plot after an employee at Pioneer Valley Hospital in West Valley City told michael kors handbags them August 12 how Stiles detailed plans Michael Kors to « kill as many people as possible. » The document did not state why Stiles was at the hospital, identifying the woman he spoke with as a « crisis worker. »

The attack was to unfold Wednesday, which is the anniversary of Stiles’ mother’s death. He specified three targets he had « mapped out » to determine the best places to hide in order to inflict the most bloodshed, the michael kors handbags charging document states. The document did not state whether he had allegedly obtained any of those.

« He talked about going out and procuring these weapons, » Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill told CNN affiliate KSL. « Or if he couldn’t do it, then he certainly knew somebody who was sympathetic to him who would help him. »

Details, but no answers in Oregon mall shooting

The Michael Kors handbags charging document does not specify others involved in the plot, nor is anyone else known to have been arrested in connection to it.

Stiles’ first stop: the City Creek Center mall in downtown Salt Lake City. Opened in March 2012, this shopping mall features restaurants and more than 100 stores such as Nordstrom, Macy’s, Tiffany Co., Michael Kors and Coach, according to its website.

Having already gone there « observing people, » Stiles Cheap Michael Kors outlet said he planned to go back around lunch time September 25 and « just randomly shoot and kill people, » the charging document says.

His next stop, he told investigators, would be about 5 miles south at the Sugarhouse Movies 10 complex. Stiles allegedly had done his homework there as well, claiming it had slow moving crowds and no security system and expressing michael kors outlet concerns moviegoers might scramble if he went during a busier time.

The charging document states that his idea was to take up a position in the back of the theater and start selectively « shooting people’s heads off » with handguns.

Lastly, Stiles said he wanted to plant a bomb under a public bus to detonate as it moved over the City Creek Center bridge « to cause mass amount of death, » according to the court document.

« The defendant indicated he will not intentionally shoot and kill children, » the charging document says about Stiles’ alleged intentions overall. « However, the defendant said he will randomly kill people until he runs out of ammunition. »

Either that or police get to him. Linda Wardell, general manager of City Creek Center, declined to detail the security measures being taken there.

Stiles who, according to KSL and cheap michael kors other media, was charged Monday is being held on $1 million bail, another court document states. Edition2015 Cable News Network. Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.Articles Connexes:

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