La Kermesse

La kermesse est organisée par l’APEL pour fêter chaque fin d’année scolaire.

Un défilé des enfants ouvert par la fanfare part de l’Ecole pour rejoindre le Parc de Rochefort.  Chaque classe présente alors sa petite prestation puis la fête continue autour des différents stands : maquillage, pêche à la ligne, pêche aux canards, tyrolienne, château gonflable, poneys, etc…

L’APEL est déjà en pleine préparation de la prochaine kermesse. Comme chaque année, nous aurons besoin des bras de parents bénévoles quelques jours avant et le jour J pour nous aider à réussir cette journée.  Nous comptons sur  vous tous !






A voice from the past

A hundred years ago this summer, when San Diego’s economy was in the dumps, G. Aubrey Davidson, 41 year old president of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce, proposed a way out of the doldrums.

« For 20 years this organization and the entire Pacific Coast have waited for the building of the cheap Michael Kors handbags Panama Canal, » he told his michael kors outlet board July 9, 1909. « It occurs to me that the (1914) opening should be the signal for San Diego to put on a great celebration, not just a county or state fair, but an international exposition. »

Six years later, Davidson presided over the opening of the Panama California Exposition in Balboa Park, a two year event that set San Diego on a new direction in the 20th century and left a legacy the park, the Navy, high tech industries that lives with us today.

In michael kors handbags recognition of his contributions, the Committee of 100, the group that watches over the expo buildings and grounds, will give its first Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue Award posthumously to Davidson, whose Michael Kors handbags cheap grandson, Bill, Replica Michael Kors Handbags will be present to accept the honor at the Friday luncheon in the park.

« Davidson was a visionary who could not only imagine great things but was able to persuade others that such things were possible, » said Committee of 100 President Michael Kelly.

And the 1915 Expo wasn’t Davidson’s only accomplishment. An eighth grade dropout, born in Canada, he organized local sports teams in his youth; pursued a michael kors handbags railroad career; shifted to banking; developed San Diego’s Kensington neighborhood; worked tirelessly to entice the Navy and Marine Corps here; led several campaigns to save the Expo buildings; chaired the 1935 36 California Pacific International Exposition in the park; and served for many years on the boards of the YMCA, Army Navy YMCA and First Presbyterian Church, which he helped build downtown. He died in 1957.

« Any one of the many things he Michael Kors outlet has done would be a fitting memorial to any one of us here, » said Edmund T. Price at a 1948 testimonial lunch to celebrate Davidson’s 80th birthday, « but I think the encouragement and helping hand he has given others is an attribute of greatness. »

Davidson’s example raises a question for today’s San Diego, again in a slump is there a leader in the house who can put things right?

« San Diego today could use someone like G. Aubrey Davidson, » said University of San Diego history professor Iris Engstrand.

But as other observers and activists Michael Kors handbags on the local scene say, the old model of political or business leaders telling us what to do may not work in the age of Twitter, Google and Skype.

For insight into the man, Bill Davidson, 79, a former Central Valley pistachio grower and current resident of Temecula, shared an extraordinary artifact phonograph recordings from the 1948 event, when his michael kors handbags grandfather was hailed as San Diego’s « first citizen. »

« I have been credited with doing a great many things for San Diego, » the elder Davidson said in response michael kors outlet to the many accolades and tributes to him on that occasion, « but I want to assure you, as I’ve said many, many times, that one man cannot do these things alone.Articles Connexes:

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